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Expedited Orders

Golden Spike Games offers direct, expedited orders of most of the Deep Thought Games titles (all games except 1817 and 18MEX). These expedited orders are charged at a premium price.

We are located in Utah (hence the inspiration for the company name).

The games are identical to those that Deep Thought Games produces. We have been helping DTG fill orders since 2009.

The prices on the Deep Thought Games site have never been adjusted, so these prices reflect both adjustments for the ever-rising cost of materials as well as for being in the premium queue.

All-Aboard Games offers 1817 and 18MEX.

You can still place an order for games through Deep Thought Games, but the wait time there is unknown. Golden Spike Games does all the fulfillment of the Deep Thought Games orders and we won't get to the games in the DTG queue until the premium orders have all been fulfilled, and some adjustment of prices will need to occur since the cost of materials keeps rising.

About the Photos

The Engine in the top photo on the left is the replica of the Central Pacific Jupiter that participated in the Golden Spike event in 1869. I took the photo at the Golden Spike site at Promontory Summit, Utah, as it was steaming up the track toward the meeting point.

The photo on the bottom is the replica of the Union Pacific No. 119, taken on the same day.

Recent News

09 Nov 2021 - I'm going to limit future shipments to a maximum of eight games per shipment. If you make a larger order then I'll ship it in two boxes. Experience has shown that larger shipments are more prone to damage so I'm going to ship a maximum of eight games per box from here on out. Only one order in my queue has more than eight games so this won't affect most outstanding orders.

08 Nov 2021 - We are under 100 outstanding orders for the first time in a while. We're catching up a bit. We'll continue to pump out the games.

The USPS did finally come get a pickup order and the carrier said a sub on the route hadn't been told about the pickup orders. We'll see if hopefully things are better now.

28 Oct 2021 - Our production is WAY up and I sent out about 15 invoices in the past two weeks. I've shipped several orders this week and more will be going out this weekend. It looks like we'll be able to keep things ramped up and hopefully dig into the queue a lot more.

Now if I could just get the USPS to actually come pick up the packages when I put in a pickup order. I'm zero for three on the last three attempts. The local office keeps telling me "the supervisor is looking at it and will call you." Apparently they mean sometime in 2022 because no calls have arrived yet . . .

28 Oct 2021 - Lamination. Sigh. I was spoiled a long time by having really great laminate, but the supplier dropped the product last year and I've had to scramble to find decent laminate that works. My new supplier had pretty decent stuff, but suddenly on my last order from them it was different. It twisted when I laminated things and no amount of maneuvering/re-threading/tension-adjusting/stern-lectures would make it lay flat. I got it as good as I could make it, but some of the charters and full-size sheets didn't quite lay flat until you put things on them.

BUT then another order from the same supplier was completely different. It was slightly thinner (more glue, less plastic in the "5 mil"), but IT LAYS NICELY FLAT. It turns out their original supplier in Korea was out so they were getting it from another supplier in Taiwan. Ah, global economics. The long and short of it is that my current laminate is different, but working well so I ordered about 20 rolls just in case it also goes into short supply.

06 Oct 2021 - The combo of vacation and moving has set things back, but we are in full production and making games at a higher rate than at any point this past year. I have about 20 games ready to ship and I'm starting to invoice for them. Those of you near the top of the queue will be getting an invoice shortly.


Pricing & Shipping

Paper money can be added for USD $5 extra per game, while supplies last. Each set is customized for the particular game. Paper money is not available for 18GB at this time, but money from another set can be substituted if desired.

Sales Tax will be added for orders in Utah. The current rate is 7.15%.

All games will be shipped RTP (Ready-To-Play). This includes quad-fold maps, custom boxes, all pieces laminated and cut, and tokens mounted. Paper money is optional.

Shipping will be added to all orders.

Shipping Details >

All shipping will be done via USPS Priority Mail (or USPS Priority Mail International). I charge the actual shipping price, rounded up to the next dollar, plus $1 (to cover paypal fees, boxes, packing, etc).

Insurance is optional for U.S. orders, also charged at cost. International orders will automatically have insurance. I generally will insure it for $50/game up to the $200 maximum.

I will ship up to eight games in one box. Experience has shown that larger boxes are more prone to damage so I am going to limit shipments to eight games maximum.

If you would like to estimate your shipping costs, visit the USPS website.

For a US order, a single game will fit in a Medium Flat Rate box and two games can fit in the Large Flat Rate Box. Unless you live on the west coast, Flat Rate will usually be cheaper. For those in the West, or those orders more than two games, you can calculate the shipping from the USPS website. The shipping zip code is 84045. Enter your destination zip code, select Standard Package and enter the weight, then hit Continue. On the next screen look for the price shown under Priority Mail 2-Dayâ„¢ in the rightmost column labeled Online Price. I will use flat rate instead if it is less expensive.

For a non-US order, select your Country, then choose Standard Package and enter the weight, then hit Continue. On the next screen look for the price shown under Priority Mail Internationalâ„¢ in the rightmost column labeled Online Price.

Combining games will generally reduce the cost of shipping. This is especially true for orders outside of the United States. It generally costs as much to ship two games in separate orders as it does to ship four games all together.

Calculating Shipping Weight

Place an Order

To order a copy of one of these titles please send an email to and include the following information:

Street Address
Street Address
Line Two
If needed for Apartment Number, etc.
Zip/Postal Code
Phone# Only required If shipping to a PO Box outside of the United States.
Email address
for Paypal
The email associated with the Paypal account to be invoiced.
Shipping Insurance
This is for U.S. orders. Shipments outside the U.S. will automatically have insurance.
Title(s) ordered.

Indicate for each game if paper money is desired. I will assume no paper money if you don't specify this option (since only about one order in a hundred wants it). I still have supplies left for many games, but a few are out of stock. I can substitute money from a different game in most cases since most games have a bank size shared with other titles. I'll keep this available as long as supplies last, but I'm unlikely to cut more (it is a PAIN).

Upon receipt of your email your order will be added to the queue. I will reply with a confirmation of your order, but I only check this email about once a week so please be patient if you do not receive an acknowledgement right away.

You will receive a PayPal invoice when your order is started. The invoice will include shipping charges and insurance if requested. Your order will generally ship within two weeks of your payment of the invoice.



* 18Dixie includes the 18GA/18MS Kit which provides all additional components necessary to play both 18GA and 18MS.


(the nasty legal stuff)

Sales are Final. Shipping Insurance is optional. The buyer assumes all risks of damaged or lost packages should insurance be declined.

Customs and Duty charges for international shipments are the responsibility of the buyer.

Insurance for U.S. orders is your choice. I've only ever had two packages go completely missing. One was a big one sent parcel post (with insurance, fortunately), which is one reason I don't use parcel post any more. The other was delivered to a place of business and never found the employee. I've had a box or two dinged in shipping too, but that's mostly cosmetic. These games are pretty sturdy. The choice of insurance is up to you.

Note that orders shipped outside of the U.S. automatically come with up to $200 of insurance. I will insure them for $50/game, generally, which means an order of four games will max out the included insurance at $200. There is often not an option to buy additional insurance (it varies a bit by country).

If there are missing pieces I will of course provide them. It's very rare, but can happen.



Orders in Queue 99
Invoiced Through 01 Sep 2020
Wait time for new orders 12-15 Months
Updated 08 Nov 2021


The rules to all games except 18GB can be downloaded from
Select the game and click the Downloads tab.

The latest 18GB Rules (v33.2) can be downloaded

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